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Band Logo Charms

engraved and filled mirrored acrylic

It was impossible to capture how brilliant these were

Custom Capoeira Awards

engraved, cut, metallic gold filled mirrored acrylic

Tattoo Parlor Signage

Custom Creations

Artist Key Chain

filled mirrored acrylic

Mirrored Acrylic Wall Art

Custom Wheel Center Caps

Mirrored Acrylic Halloween Earrings

Tribal Guitar

(customer tattoo replica)

wood engraved / metallic paste filled

Custom Love Plaque

color filled wood engraving

Desk Wedges

cabinet carpentry samples

Rather created by customer request, or during our down time, it is here where we believe we add something different to the industry.  We look at every project as an opportunity to create something special.  Taking advantage on one or more of the materials at our disposal, your vision and our imagination... almost anything is possible.

Custom Volunteer Award

wood engraved/color filled, mirrored acrylic characters and "YEAR" riser, risen clear acrylic face

Wall Art

wood engraved and filled

AmazEng Family Tree's

Created to put a new and creative spin on a popular family gift, our family tree's can be engraved on almost any material and filled with a vast array of colors.

Ask about the AmazEng Family Tree's

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